Small Business Support

My wife and I are small business owners and we understand the challenges that small business owners face every day.  Living in Sunrise where we have many great large corporations, I believe oftentimes small business owners are forgotten.  Some ideas that I will push to implement are Mom and Pop Small Business Grants, local farmer’s markets, and purchasing preference to vendors/small businesses that want to sell their products and services to the City of Sunrise.


Growing up surfing in South Florida and now living one block away from the Everglades, I realize how beautiful and important our environment is.  We must be good stewards of our planet.  Producing more electrical city vehicles, converting more LED lighting on the streets and expanding green spaces will ensure that we take steps towards good stewardship. 

Term Limits

Term Limits are a must at the city level.  Over time it grows ever harder for the elected to tell the difference between their own personal interests and those of the community.  This blend of personal agendas and best interests of residents serves neither the individual nor the city.  If commissioners had two or three terms to implement their agenda, it would help keep them focused on their promises.  Having term limits will allow fresh new ideas from newly elected officials. 

Public Safety

Support organizations that are building models for Public Safety with an emphasis on community-based violence intervention and prevention programs, and strategies focused on at-risk youths.  An example is the Pastors & Community Leaders Roundtable that was established in late 2023.  My wife and I host this roundtable quarterly in the city of Sunrise.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Marco Bohorquez, nonpartisan candidate, for Sunrise City Commission, Seat A